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Car Folding Trash Storage Bucket

Car Folding Trash Storage Bucket

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A necessary storage bucket for car long trip.


  • Car Garbage Can - Trash can for car,solve the problem of nowhere to store garbage such as napkins, eaten husks and other garbage in the car.
  • Car Can - Store the items in the car into the bucket, so that the inside of the car is clean and tidy. In rainy days, you can put umbrellas with water items, so that the car pads will not get wet.

  • Bucket - Field camping can also be used to carry water for water and wash. You can also put fish while fishing.
  • Collapsible trash can - can be shrink, compact and portable, does not take up space, 4 liters capacity of 1 gallon, PP material, bearing 4KG. Heat-resistant and stable, the ambient temperature range is -20—+100°C, and there is no peculiar smell.

  • Car trash bin-It can be stretched to the appropriate height according to the needs, the bottom is attached with Velcro, which can be fixed on the fleece surface, and can be adjusted at any angle to suit different needs.


Material: plastic
Size: 21*18cm
Capacity: 4L
Colour: Black

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