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HD Transparent Rainproof Film

HD Transparent Rainproof Film

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Waterproof and anti-fog: Due to the super-hydrophilic hard coating, water droplets can spread quickly without condensation.

Anti-glare and anti-stain: To reduce the high-beam glare behind the vehicle, water enters between the super hydrophilic hard-coated surfaces, which can easily remove the darts.

Wide range of applications: Anti-fog rearview mirror protective film designed for most car rearview mirrors, including cars, SUVs, trucks, trailers, etc., to ensure your driving safety in rainy or foggy days.

Mirror protection:Protect your rear-view mirror from scratches, stains, and dust, so that the rear-view mirror is always clear.

Easy to install: the car anti-glare and rainproof film can be installed in just a few minutes, and the installation tool kit is included.

Package Include

  • For Sedan: 6 pcs*HD Transparent Rainproof Film
  • For Side Window: 6 pcs*HD Transparent Rainproof Film
  • For Helmet: 3 pcs*HD Transparent Rainproof Film
  • For Truck: 6 pcs*HD Transparent Rainproof Film
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