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Perfect Eyebrow Coloring Cream

Perfect Eyebrow Coloring Cream

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Are typical brow coloring products very cumbersome and complicated to use? Do you spend a lot of time to achieve defined, natural and high impact brows?

 With Perfect Eyebrow  cream, the time to put on makeup will be made easier , since this filling cream is very easy and simple to use , you also achieve an ultra-natural look with an unbeatable finish ; ultra resistant and high quality that does not cause damage to your skin.

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Why our Perfect Eyebrow  will solve your life:

 Long-lasting air cushion , which allows to blur the color, in order to better manage the intensity of color you want. It lasts 24 hours.

 Natural Finish, since it brings two tones so you can combine and generate the color you want that best suits your eyebrows.

 Resistant to water and sweat, you will no longer run the risk of running when you perspire or bathe in the sea or pool.

 Ideal for long, short, full or thin eyebrows; You will really notice the difference!

 Save time , because you no longer need to wait for maximum results!

How to use:

  • Sink the flat part of the brush into the darkest part of the sponge.
  • Outline the area of the eyebrow that you want to fill.
  • With the spiral brush, mix both colors.
  • Note that the eyebrow area must be filled in following the order of these, from the root to the tip of the eyebrows.   

"I love the Perfect Eyebrow  it is so easy to use and my brows are really beautiful."
-Luca, Chile-

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