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Reusable Earwax Removal Stickers

Reusable Earwax Removal Stickers

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Cleaner, safer earwax removal

Keep your ears clean and safe with reusable earwax removal stickers. Our cotton tips are easy to use and remove earwax quickly and effectively, you just need to gently twist it into the ear for the earwax to stick. Get rid of the mess and discomfort of traditional methods and enjoy a cleaner, safer earwax removal experience.


Self-adhesive earwax removal tool - Resin material, with its own adhesiveness, can be gently twisted into the ear to adhere the earwax and clean it more thoroughly.

Eco-friendly material - The shaft of the cotton swab is made of PET plastic and the tip is made of a synthetic resin-based glue. This material is soft and comfortable and does not hurt the ears. The outer layer of soft glue surrounds the entire tip, which can better avoid damage to the ears.

Washable and reusable - After each use, the dirt can be washed away with water and then dried with a hair dryer. After drying, the staple can still be retained and the cotton swab can be reused. This makes the cotton swab an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative for earwax removal.

Versatile cotton tip and practical - For makeup, earwax removal and many other uses. Available for women, babies and animals.


Type: Small, Large

Quantity: 24 pcs/pack

Size: 4 * 65mm (Small), 5 * 65.5 (Large)

Color: Transparent

Material: PET plastic + Synthetic adhesive resin

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