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Snap-On Magnetic Cable Ties

Snap-On Magnetic Cable Ties

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Set (Random Colors)

No more hassle in organizing cables and cords with this Snap-On Magnetic Cable Ties! Can even use it in holding keys, pen, etc.!

These magnetic cable ties not only can be used to organize cables and cords but also can serve as bookmark folders, use them to hang objects off your fridge, seal cereals and more!

Made from premium quality silicone, they are very elastic and flexible without breaking at all!

The various cute colors add some contrast to your cable management! Having a set around the house will no doubt come in handy!


  • Instant Cable Tie
    Comes with a strong magnetic twistable ties that is perfect for organizing your headphone cables and USB charging cords for any of your gadgets!
  • Magnetic & Strong
    Will instantly and firmly clipped to each other with its 100% embedded and sealed magnets.
  • Elastic Bands
    Designed to stretched and holds any of your products with its silicone elastic cord!
  • Space Organizer
    This product will completely organize your cables and other items in a mess-free and safe space for you and your loved ones!
  • Easy to Use
    Has a long enough adjustable stretchy rope that can be attach in just 1 SECONDS! Simply attach its ends and perfectly done!
  • Widely Use
    Multifunctional, can serve as your electrical cords, cables ties, car and house key holder, or note, daily schedule, and photo holder!


  • Materials: Silicone, Magnet
  • Colors: White, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Rose Red, Purple


  • 1 Set x Snap-On Magnetic Cable Ties.
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