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Stainless Steel Corn Thresher Stripper

Stainless Steel Corn Thresher Stripper

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Great Little Kitchen Gadget, if you have ever experienced the process of removing corn kernels from dozens of corns, I think you will like this tool very much

Main Features

  • √ Corn Peeler
    Easy to remove corn from the cob effortlessly and efficiently, save your time in the kitchen. Great for anyone with dentures, braces, or whomever likes corn off the cob.
  • √ Ergonomic Design
    It has a ergonomic high-tech polished stainless steel handle that makes for a nice grip.The serrated blade is super sharp but not dangerous, and there is a hole in handle for convenient hanging storage.
  • √ Material
    Crafted of solid 304 stainless steel which is heavy duty and last a long life without any corrosion, it won't rust, bend, break or weaken at the joints. Suitable for traditional wash and dishwasher.
  • √ Wide Range Of Applications
    It is suitable for all kinds of corn, and the planing is smooth. At the same time, you can also plan shape vegetables and shape fruit plates, etc.

Using Methods


Product Weight
  • 87G
Product Size
(L x W )
  • 18.3 × 6.4cm
Package Contents
  • Stainless Steel Corn Thresher Stripper × 1
  • 304 stainless steel
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