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Waterproof Heat Shrink Tube Wire Connector Kit

Waterproof Heat Shrink Tube Wire Connector Kit

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This is PERFECT for anyone who tinkers with boats, trucks, cars, audio systems and DIY!

Connect and Seal your Wires without crimping or terminals!


High-premium Quality: Home Edition is made of high-quaity PE material, Professional Edition is made of high-quaity tin material,the tubes are waterproof, tensile, insulating, and with strong adhesion, ensuring safety and prolonging the service time of cables or metal tubes.

Unique Performance: High Temperature Shrinkage, Minimum shrinkage temperature: +80°C, Maximum shrinkage temperature: +160°C.

Colorful Tube, Multiple Specification: It comes with different sizes, you can choose the right tube for your specific cable.

Extensive Use: Suitable for wire harness, welding spot, insulation protection of inductance, rust prevention / Corrosion protection of metal tube and rod.


  • Minimum shrinkage temperature: + 80 Deg.C
  • Maximum shrinkage temperature: + 160 Deg.C
  • Operating temperature: -55 Deg.C - 125 Deg.C
  • Dielectric strength: 1kV / mm

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